What is ATC


The problem :

A liquid is subject to expansion or cutback as a result of temperature changes. So the volume of diesel fuel and petrol changes in function of the temperature. The stored product adopts easily the average environmental temperature.
For Belgium the average environmental temperature lies around 11°C.

Today your product is delivered at 15°C compensated, but the temperature of the product itself will adapt quickly to the conditions in the tank … whereby the volume will decrease.


Fuel dispensers were not originally foreseen to absorb these 'volume changes'. Your measure room measures with metrological accuracy the ‘volume’, but does not take into account the 'volume changes' caused by the temperature.
 So each day you loose volume, that results in a drastically decrease of your profit margin! 


The Solution : ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation)

ATC is the technology whereby the measured volume is automatically corrected in function of the measured temperature. In conformity with atcelectronicaEuropean Metrological directives the volume is transmitted in litres to the standard reference temperature of 15°C.


Therefore, your dispenser takes into account the volume changes as a result of the temperature changes resulting in the fact that you can sell the total volume you bought. With ATC the 'lost litres' belong to the past and you can have an indisputable control on your stock.

After several years of R&D by our engineers together with our technicians we can offer different solutions for retrofit ATC kits for 95 % of alI petrol pumps in the field equipped with electronical counters.

The 'ATC kit' can be inplemented in new and existing dispensers with conservation of all existing components. The 'ATC kit' is an extra item which is added to your dispenser and has therefore received a European Metrological approval following OIML R117. And with the ultra fast "Return On Investment", which amounts usually to less than 1 year, this could be your best investment ever.

We’re offering the customer FAIR energy !

Don’t allow your profits to decrease with the temperature !

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